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Texas Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association®

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Who We Are:

The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® (CVMA®) Texas is formed with the following objectives:

  • The betterment of camaraderie and fellowship between its members and their families in the CVMA® chapters across the state of Texas.
  • To promote interest in various forms of motorcycle riding with veterans.
  • To create and maintain camaraderie among combat veterans from all U.S. branches of service and its allies.
  • To support veteran organizations.
  • To raise awareness for the plight of POW’s, MIA’s, and their families, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, (TBI) and other combat related medical conditions.
  • To conduct Association functions and activities in a manner befitting and respecting the members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.
  • To encourage a better understanding of motorcycle riders as a constructive sport among members of the public, press and law enforcement.

2023 VA Disability COLA Increase

The Sit Rep reports how the 2023 COLA will affect your VA Disability Payment.

Licensed C&P Examiner Interview Tips

Speaking with many Texas members about VA benefits, many do not understand how the process works.  Yes . . . you have fought for our nation but benefits are not automatic.  I’m posting this video on how to complete a VA Compensation and Pension examination at the VA.  It’s important to watch the entire thing.  I hope this is helpful.  Shoot me an email if you like this or want to see more helpful Veteran information on our website

Richard (Taz) Miller

Vet News

Vet News is Important Information for Veterans, their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors.

The Sit Rep

YouTube Series Discussing Current VA Information

Events Page

New flyers added.  Please refer to the events on the menu to the left or the button below for upcoming events, such as our state meeting and national meeting.  If you want to display your flyer for upcoming events, please forward to the state webmaster.

Texas 23 Rider Program

I talked about the vision I had with the Texas 23 Rider Program. A distinguishable patch that would identify a Sister or Brother who has visited all 22 Chapters through meetings or sanctioned events. Click for more details.
Boomer (State Representative)

New Menu Item: Policies and Procedures

CVMA® Texas, take a look at the menu.  There is a new item:  Policies and Procedures.  As needed, the SBOD will ask for documentation to be added.  There are new PDFs and PowerPoints that may interest you.  Check them out.

Operation CVMA® 23-22 Holiday Boxes for Troops

Help CVMA® 23-22 show the brave men and women of our armed forces that they are not forgotten.  Our service men and women make many personal sacrifices to ensure our county’s freedom and this is just one way we can show our appreciation.

By collecting items to help build holiday care packages for our men and women overseas.

Motorcycle Safety PSA (Click to watch)

2022 Texas Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® State Meeting

Alpha and Omega


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